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From New Delhi to Singapore and then to Perth (WA)

When I boarded the plane for the 1st time while going to Germany in 2012, that was like a dream come true for me and I was so much excited that I was opening the window every now and then to have a look at the clouds, ocean and mountains. Again after 2 years, I was going to fly in a plane and that too, to Australia where I had always dreamt of going to. So, as you might guess, I was very much excited. I was late for the airport and I almost missed my Jet Airways flight from New Delhi. I was the last person to reach the plane and I had to run to board the plane. The moment I boarded the plane, they closed the door and I called my mom to tell that I am inside the plane and about to take off. Minutes later we were in the sky. There was 1.5 hour stop at Changi Airport in Singapore which is the best Airport in the world according to various surveys. First of all I collected my boarding pass for the next flight to Perth and then I explored the Airport which was all decorated for Christmas.


I again boarded on the plane. This time in Qantas Airways, one of the Gold Sponsor for the Competition. We reached Perth on time i.e. 23:50. I collected my luggage and found Marie Hill waiting for me and 3 other finalist from Vietnam (Minh), Philippines (Mark) and Indonesia (Aditya). We all then took a Taxi to our hotel “The Seasons of Perth Hotel”.

Next day, we met at the reception of the hotel after breakfast and then went out for sightseeing. Yaroslava from Russia also joined us. Two other finalists from USA (Abbey) and Brazil (Juliana) were yet to arrive. We went to Bell Tower (This photo is from the internet).


and then took a bus to Kings Park and Botanical Garden from which one can enjoy the beautiful view of Perth Skyline and river.


We then rushed back to Hotel for a meeting with Marie. In the meeting we were given Apple ipad mini and the whole schedule of the tour. We all were introduced with each other and our photographer Michael also joined us there. After that we went out for dinner at Stable’s bar.


Next day, we checked out from the hotel and left for The University of Western Australia in Perth. The representatives of the university were very welcoming and nice people. This is where Michael had our 1st group shot.



We had a campus tour and then all of us were assigned to a faculty member from our field to visit the labs and to discuss about the current research and potential areas to work.


After that we had a look at the residential apartments and then went to canteen for our lunch.

After the lunch we were interviewed on how did we like the University?

Then we said goodbye to everybody at UWA and left for the airport to catch our flight to our next destination, Adelaide.

Win Your Future Unlimited: This is how it started….

        I am going to complete my bachelors, this May, from IIT Delhi. I have been planning to go for higher studies from last 1 year. It was while working on my projects during internship in Germany and bachelors’ thesis that I got inclined towards working in the field of materials with an appreciation for their potential towards environmental sustainability. I was all set to apply to USA universities after taking GRE and TOEFL. Earlier I was planning mainly for USA and Europe and not for Australia as I thought Australia doesn’t offer a lot of scholarships. One day while using facebook I saw the link for an online competition organized by Australian Trade Commission. I got curious and when I opened their websites and clicked on the “Prizes for the Winner”, I was amazed. It said the winner will get 1 year fully funded education in Australia in any university of his/her choice. All we had to do was to design a digital postcard explaining how an Australian education could help me realize my future dreams and ambitions. The basic idea behind my postcard was my concern towards environment sustainability and how we can preserve the environment by using alternative energy sources like windmills and by recycling & reusing. And this was the postcard, I made:



       I applied for this competition as I am of the belief that Australian Universities especially University of New South Wales, UQ and Monash University are very good in the field of material science. I thought, studying at one of these universities will increase my skills and will open a new door full of opportunities that is a sky with no limits. It was a 7 week long competition and 5,000-6000 students were applying for this each week from all over the world and out of those only 1 was to be selected as a finalist each week. To think that I might get nominated as 1 of the finalist was beyond my imagination. And it came to me as a big and happy surprise when I was selected as one of the 7 finalists from all over the world. First of all, I thought that it was a dream as it was very hard to believe my eyes. After reading the email 4-5 times and making sure that yes it is true that I am 1 of the 7 finalists, I was the happiest person on the earth.

       According to the itinerary planned by Austrade, I was supposed to leave New Delhi for Perth on 3rd Dec. and to depart from Sydney on 18th Dec. to come back to India. In a way I was lucky as my exams for 7th Semester were getting over on 28th Nov. In another scenario, I was not lucky as the Campus Placement period at IIT Delhi was same as the Study Tour Period. I called my mom and told her that I am going to Australia on 3rd December. She was happy to know the news of my selection and shocked to know that I am going to skip my placements for the study tour. Somehow, I convinced my parents to allow me to go to Australia. And then, I sent an email to Austrade confirming that I want to come to Australia for the study tour. I was invited to Australian High Commission in New Delhi which was very close to IIT. I was congratulated by people from Austrade and told me about the Visa requirements. After 2-3 days, I received an email from high commission saying Australian Foreign Minister Hon. Julie Bishop is coming to Delhi next week and wants to congratulate you in person. So, would you be able to come to High Commission? Without losing a second, I replied “Yes, of course”.


       I met the foreign minister at High Commission on 16th November 2013 and talked to her for few minutes. She was very humble. She asked me about my future study plans and about my family. I was given a very nice framed certificate for selection signed by her. Next day brought more surprises when I got a call at 7 am from my brother-in-law, saying “your photo is in the newspaper!!”. And I was like, Oh Really!!!!!

      My story was published in all the major newspapers like Business Standard as well as local ones like Danik Jagran!! And that day I got so many calls from the family members who were calling me to congratulate after reading about me in the newspapers and I was telling them what was this all about. I was on the cloud number 9!

Rest of the story: In the next post.

Future Unlimited Study Tour toAustralia :)

Future Unlimited Study Tour toAustralia :)

Awarded this certificate by Australian Foreign Minister The Hon. Julie Bishop MP at Australian High Commission She was very nice and humble. Talked to me about my family, my trip to Australia and my study plans. It was really great experience to meet her. 🙂
I have been selected as one of the 7 finalist all over the world which means I have got 2 weeks long study tour to Australia where I will get to travel all major cities of Australia and that will be sponsored by Australian Trade Commission in collaboration with a lot of other sponsor.
Very excited to be there and to post amazing beautly of Australia here. 🙂